An annual celebration of song and all things Welsh.

The Ontario Welsh Festival, originally the Ontario Gymanfa Ganu Association, was founded in 1949 with our first Gymanfa held in Niagara Falls.

Since then we have celebrated our Welsh heritage as a weekend festival, held in hotels in various cities each year across southern Ontario.

Friday night is a Noson Lawen, a talent night, full of songs, acts and jokes.

Each year we fly over a choir from Wales to perform a grand concert on the Saturday night following our big banquet.

And, of course, the choir join us for the main event, the Gymanfa Ganu - a hymn singing festival on the Sunday of the weekend. This is usually held in a local church or cathedral. Hundreds of voices conducted in fourpart harmony singing praises to God are sure to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!

Other activities over the weekend include a Children's Hour, Poetry Readings, a Marketplace, various Seminars with guest speakers, and tours of local attractions.