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Today’s economy is supported by an increasingly complex set of skills and knowledge. Predictable, routine tasks of today are becoming more and more automated. Non-routine, unpredictable tasks will increasingly become the jobs of the future. As such, mathematical skills and knowledge are increasingly becoming critical components of success. Over the past three years, EQAO Mathematics scores for students in grades 3, 6 and 9 in the Thames Valley District School Board and across the province have declined. This issue is of paramount importance to our students, parents, teachers, administration, trustees and the Ministry of Education and I am writing to describe how we, at Thames Valley are taking action, and to enlist your support. In April 2016, the Ministry of Education made a commitment to help students gain the mathematics knowledge and skills they need by creating the Renewed Math Strategy. Mathematics achievement is a key priority for the Ministry, and is being supported through dedicated funding to school boards. This Renewed Mathematics Strategy supports Thames Valley’s continued focus on Mathematics grades 1 to 12.